Senior Fullstack Engineer

Work Type: Full Time
About Qweebi
We’re building a virtual maker space where kids can engage in playful, collaborative, and hands-on building experiences fully online. They learn how to apply fundamental STEM concepts to solve real-world problems while discovering the joy and pride of building things from scratch.

Qweebi is an EdTech startup based in Singapore and backed by Antler Venture Capital. Antler is a global early-stage venture capital firm that invests in the defining technology companies of tomorrow. 
We're building a motley crew of game designers, mechanical engineers, teachers, software engineers, and product designers, who are passionate about the future of education.

Your core responsibilities will be:
  • Designing and building the server application that powers the Qweebi Platform in a Typescript/NodeJS. If you have experience building server applications using any other general purpose programming language (Java/Kotlin/Python), you could be a good fit too as long as you are willing to pick up Typescript/NodeJS.
  • Comfortable with exploring an existing codebase and following existing patterns to design and implement new features independently.
  • Experience with automated testing at different levels (Unit and Integration) is a must.
  • Familiarity with SQL and relational databases (PostgreSQL/MySQL/RDS Aurora).
  • We would prefer someone who already has experience developing front-end web apps using a standard SPA framework (VueJS preferred). Barring this, experience in building GUI-driven applications is also acceptable if you are willing to pick up web development skills.
Nice to Have Skills:
  • Experience with TDD and Pair Programming approaches.
  • We follow Continuous Integration and Deployment principles at Qweebi, and being comfortable in this kind of a work environment would be a big plus.
  • Familiarity with working with AWS or other cloud providers (Azure/GCP, etc). 
We're looking for someone who is:
  • A natural problem solver.
  • Someone who obsesses over design, code, and experience details.
  • Fast-paced and output-driven.
  • A self-starter with high ownership levels; someone who does not expect hand-holding.

You'll love working with us if you're the type that:
  • Is curious, humble, and earnest.
  • Is a strong team player, and comfortable in an ambiguous environment.
  • Holds strong opinions but is open to being proved wrong.
  • Speaks their mind, but respectfully.
  • Is always looking to be better.
  • Genuinely believes that details make all the difference.
Preferred timezones:
  • GMT +2 (EU Timezones) to GMT +12.

 If you're excited about working with Qweebi, we'd love to hear from you.

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